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Dedicated SEO Management

The words on your website and related pages are extremely important.

SEO is the method of using search engines to bolster website traffic. The reason this is the most effective method of getting potential customers to your website is that people use search engines to find what they need in the vast, very populated world of cyberspace.

With so many companies active, it is nearly impossible for consumers to find a product just by surfing the web. SEO takes advantage of search engine's methods of using key words and phrases to find the items and information viewers are looking for based on the most common responses to those words.

Good SEO companies have discovered that by researching which keywords and phrases their target audience is most likely to use when searching for the products or services they offer and incorporating them into their websites and related content, they can trigger search engines to list them high on the results pages for people looking for what they have to offer. This process may seem simple than what it actually is.

How FreshRank Dedicated SEO Management Works

Our development team will make sure that when consumers come to your online doorstep, they can find what they want and that each element of your pages is designed to increase your sales. The FreshRank SEO experts will improve the user experience to ensure they "stick" when they arrive at your site, and spend as much time on your site as needed to make the sale, or contact you through your chosen means of communication.

The existing content on your webpage will be checked for the necessary elements to make it friendly, relevant and effective. New content will be created when necessary to make sure your pages communicate your message to the clients and help increase sales.

The fine-tuning of your website ensures the success of your SEO campaign, and delivers the best ROI for your investment.

We provide:

  • Complete analysis of your company's competition to better develop your strategy
  • Competitive Analytics to get you the best keywords for your company
  • Comprehensive analysis of your website's structure and code
  • Strategic design suggestions if needed for your SEO campaign that will use only "white hat" SEO methods to drive your website up the search engine ranks
  • Thorough evaluation of your website's structure to allow search engine spiders better access and ensure your customers a more productive visit
  • Our SEO experts will make sure the code on your website is up to the best practices of the moment for maximum effect when crawled by the search engines
  • Top-notch content development

Protect Your Reputation

It is important that you hire efficient and reliable service providers to create your website. Mistakes made by amateurs and the unscrupulous tactics adopted by some professional SEO managers who promise instant and outrageous results can nullify all the efforts you may have put in to built your reputation online.

Our SEO services are based on only the most ethical SEO methods. SEO isn't always fast. Although we work diligently to get you the best results as quickly as possible, it is important to know that when you see promises of immediate results, it is because a company is cheating the system.

Google and other top search engines have implemented severe penalties against SEO companies and their clients that use such underhanded tactics known as "black hat" SEO. These penalties range from being reduced in the rankings to outright removal from the search engine listings, which could mean certain death for the business. It isn't just the search engines that may take offense to underhanded SEO, even your website's host may delete your site in an effort to avoid being de-valued or delisted by the search engines.

We will never compromise your good name, and risk your reputation by using tricks and gimmicks to get you to where you need to be in the rankings.