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Local Lead Generation Services

How Do Your Lead Gen Services Work?

Simply, our lead generation services match customers in your area who are interesting in your service with your business. We simply introduce customers to your business. We find these customers using relevant SEO and online sales funnel tactics-resulting in customers who are actually interested in immediate service and actually located in your service area.

Who Is Lead Generation a Good Fit For?

The lead generation model works best for businesses that are in the home or commercial services sector that provide their services at their customer’s locations. We typically work with businesses such as movers, plumbers, handymen, pool cleaners, junk removal companies, etc. This model is not best for businesses such as restaurants, stores, or boutique shops. We recommend SEO services for these companies.

How do I know it is working? How can I tell where the leads are coming from?

Simple. Whenever a customer calls through one of our funnels, their brief alert message when you pick up the phone saying it’s a lead from us. You will still be able to see the customer’s phone number. Alternatively, they may contact via text/email and you will be able to see it is a lead from us.

Why Choose Us for Your Lead Gen Needs


All of our leads are exclusive to you and only you. Most other Lead Generation companies, including giants like Thumbtack, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor, do not offer their clients exclusive leads (they are selling the same exact leads to several of their clients!!) This means that you are receiving a lead that has possible already been bid out or has too much competition. When you work with us, your business will be the only client in your niche in your area. 


Unlike leads from sites like Thumbtack or Yelp, you have the customer’s full attention and intent right then and there instead of contacting them back, potentially much later, when you check the app. Some of these sights also sell leads from forms potential customers filled out weeks, or even months ago!!


We only want to make money if you are making money. In order to keep you as a customer, we must make sure we deliver on our goal of giving you relevant leads. We want to develop a mutually beneficial relationship that is built on trust. 


There will be no surprises. You can budget better with a fixed expense. We will agree upon a simple flat fee based upon the amount of lead volume and the specific industry.


Local Lead Gen is where we began, and it’s where the future is headed. Our company was founded as a local lead generation company, therefore we are experienced with the nuances of lead generation and stay up to date with the latest trends and search algorithms that influence the patterns of customers searching for services online. 


Many SEO and Lead Generation companies are based or outsource much of their work overseas. When you work with us you are working with a team that is based deep in the heart of Texas!

What Are Leads and Why Are They Important?

  • The Local Lead Generation sales funnel works best for service businesses (as opposed to a boutique brick and mortar store).
  • What is a lead? A potential customer who has shown an interest in your service/product.
  • Historically, business have relief almost solely on referrals and networking. Though these methods still 
  • If your business does not generate leads, it won’t be sustainable in the future. In today’s day and age, people usually default to perform an online search for whatever need or want they have. 

To get sales, you need leads. Every sale begins with a lead. When a lead is “closed”, it becomes a sale. To get more sales, you need to:

1)    Get Leads: Plain and simple, the more the merrier. Every lead that comes to you instead of your competitor puts you one step closer to gaining an additional customer, but eventually to putting you in the #1 provider of your service or product offering in your area.

2)    Close More Leads: The higher percentage of leads you close, AKA conversion rate, you have, the more profitable your business will be. Becoming an effective salesperson takes practice, but anyone can learn to become a great salesperson. We help our clients close more sales by offering them insights we have obtained from our clients.

Want to Partner With Us?

Contact Us to further discuss and customize a plan that fits your business’ needs (call should last approximately 20 minutes). We look forward to hearing from you and learning about how we can help your business grow!