Our Latest Review of Wrike: A Powerful Project Management Tool for Teams

An Intro To Wrike:

Ah, the grind of managing projects. You’ve got due dates looming, tasks piling up, and notifications buzzing constantly on your phone. It seems like you need about 10 clones of yourself just to get things done. But what if I told you, there’s software for that? Yep, a tool called Wrike. And it doesn’t involve any sketchy black market clone dealings, either.

What’s Wrike, you ask?

Well, my friend, in the simplest terms, Wrike is a collaborative work management platform. Imagine trying to play a symphony, but all the musicians are in different countries. You’d need some awesome system to coordinate all those instruments and ensure they’re playing in time, right? Now swap those musicians with team members, and you’ve got your modern business scenario, complete with all its melodic complexities. That’s where Wrike comes in like a talented orchestra conductor to help you create masterpiece projects.

It’s everything you ever wanted in project management software and, let’s face it, probably a few things you didn’t realize you wanted until now.

A Quick Overview of Wrike

This is a preview of the Wrike app from Wrike website

Ever felt like you were juggling too many projects at once? Like that important HR meeting slipped through the cracks or your design revisions deadline was missed due to a pile of tasks on your plate? Well, Wrike is here to help, and, to be honest, it’s like your own personal productivity wizard.

Wrike, as one founding fathers of project management software, or rather cheerfully dubbed your “virtual project assistant”, empowers teams to efficiently streamline their work, enhance communication, and sky-rocket their productivity. Now, wouldn’t we all fancy a bit of that?

Use Cases and Problems Wrike Solves

Project Planning & TrackingTrack your project timeline, milestones, and status with visual timelines.
Task & Subtask ManagementBreak project into tasks and assign deadlines and responsibility
Real-time NewsfeedGet updates on project progress and changes made.
Document Collaboration and SharingShare, upload, and edit documents simultaneously with team members
Workload ManagementManage and delegate resources efficiently based on team members’ workloads.
Time TrackingKeep track of time spent on tasks or projects.
Report Templates & ReportingCustomize report templates and collate data for analysis and reporting.
Secure and ScalableData encryption, two-factor authorization and user-audit reports ensure secure use.
Task ManagementCreate and allocate tasks with deadlines and requirements straight from your dashboard.
Time TrackingKeep track of how much time is being spent on each task – perfect for managing workloads and client billing.
Collaborative EditingWork together on tasks in real time, because two (or ten) heads are better than one.
File SharingShare files on the platform, ensuring everyone always has the information they need at their fingertips.
Gantt ChartsMonitor project progress with visually appealing, interactive Gantt charts.

Here’s Some Other Ways Users Utilize Wrike:

Wrike can be deployed across a plethora of industries, saving businesses of all shapes and sizes from the dreaded world of disorganization. Here’s a touch of the opportunities:

  • Marketers can enjoy neatly sorted campaign management, content creation workflows, and event planning.
  • Software development teams can enjoy the power of agile project management, bug tracking, and product launch planning.
  • For HR, it’s the perfect go-to for recruitment processes, onboarding, and training.
  • Creative teams, say goodbye to mayhem and hello to asset organization, versioning, and review processes.

So yeah, Wrike’s got your back, regardless of your field. Pretty cool, huh?

Managing Email

Tired of Navigating A Sea of Email threads?

You know how an email thread can quickly turn into a dreaded labyrinth with twisted paths leading nowhere? Well, Wrike tames that chaos by helping teams easily manage, discuss, and complete work all in one place. It’s time to say bye-bye to those annoyingly long and confusing email threads!

Remote Team Management

Got a Bunch of Remote Workers Scattered Around the Globe?

Fear not! Wrike’s got a stellar track record with remote teams. With one shared space for work, it’s like having your entire team in the same room. So, you can toss all those timezone confusion headaches out of the window!

Schedule Management

Struggling to Keep Up With Deadlines?

Wrike lets you set, track, and manage your team’s work in real-time, ensuring everyone’s playing their part in time to meet the final deadline. Think of it as your team’s personal productivity policeman, minus the sirens.

How Does It All Work?

Wrike thrives on three building blocks; a user-friendly intuitive interface, incredible flexibility, and ease of navigation. The process includes creating tasks, dividing these into sub-tasks, assigning due dates, resources, and tracking the progress on a visually appealing panel. It’s almost as if Wrike held your hand throughout, minus the physical presence.

In essence, Wrike gives you one collaborative space where work happens. Your teams can upload documents, discuss tasks, report progress, and more, all under one virtual roof.

And here’s a fun fact: it has a feature that essentially lets you time travel (in a planning sense, of course)! Its Gantt chart view lets you see your project’s timeline and how altering one task affects the others. It’s like playing chess with your projects, only without the risk of being checkmated by unexpected circumstances.

Wrike’s primary function is to enhance project management, providing features like task management, time tracking, reporting, and real-time updates. 

Also, this software is quite the extrovert. It integrates with a whole bunch of other tools like Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, and much more. It’s like that popular kid in school who got along with everybody! 

Hey, don’t worry about losing your precious data. Wrike ensures top-notch security, so basically your information is safe as a vampire in a crypt.

Pricing: Top Quality at Budget-Friendly Prices

Wrike offers a whole arsenal of features, but instead of charging you an arm and a leg, they offer a free version. Yep, zero dollars. Now, it’s quite basic, but still a mighty useful tool.

Larry the Lotto Winner may be fine splurging thousands on his software. But, if you’re not like Larry and are looking for more reasonable pricing, Wrike’s got you covered. You evolve from ‘Free’ to ‘Professional’ Plan at $9.80 per user/month. The ‘Business’ plan costs $24.80, while ‘Enterprise’ pricing is quote-based – giving larger teams the flexibility they need.

Wrike Features:

Task ManagementYesYesYesYes
Basic Integration (Drive, Dropbox, etc.)YesYesYesYes
Shareable DashboardsNoYesYesYes
Real-time ReportsNoNoYesYes
User Audit ReportsNoNoNoYes
Custom Fields & WorkflowsNoNoYesYes
Advanced Security FeaturesNoNoNoYes

Wrapping Up

Need a reliable workmate, a cleanser of chaos, a wielder of deadlines? Wrike may just be your perfect match. It has all the tools you need to coordinate, collaborate, and create.

Whether you’re a team of two or an enterprise of thousands, Wrike adapts to your needs. Might be your turn to create some symphonies (of projects, of course).

So, should you choose this software? Well, they say you don’t know until you try. But let’s face it – with Wrike’s features and flexibility, it’s hard not to be tempted.

Let’s get Wrike-ing, shall we?


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